Installing Anyconnect Instructions

1.)  Click this link:

(TIP: You can also right click the link and choose open link in new tab to keep both pages open simultaneously)

2.)  You should see a login screen that looks like the image below. Enter your DixieID and password. Click Logon.

3.)  Click continue when the dialogue box shown below appears.

4.)  Anyconnect will attempt to auto-install.  This almost always fails.  Just wait for it to fail (this may take up to 2 minutes).  After it fails, you will be presented with the option to manually install.  Click the link under Install using the link below as shown in this picture:


5.) Your browser will download the Anyconnect installer.  In most browsers, double-clicking the on the download or right-clicking and select Open or Run on the downloaded file will start the installer. The installer will look like the image below on Windows machines, and similar on Macs.

6.)  Click Next, accept the license, and click next several times to install the Anyconnect client.  It will look like the image below when it’s done.  Click Finish and Close your web browser.

7.)  Anyconnect is an installed program on your computer and you will access it through your Start menu on Windows or the Finder on Mac. In the Windows Start Menu click on All Apps or All Programs and find Cisco Anyconnect in the list. Some people like to make a desktop shortcut to Anyconnect to make it easier to find.

8.) When you find and click on Anyconnect it will look like this:

Make sure the box next to the Connect button says  Click Connect.

9.) Another box will appear.  Leave the group as DSC.  Enter your DixieID and password. Click OK.

10.) Click Accept when the dialogue box below appears.

11.) You should now be connected. You can securely access University Resources from anywhere. When connected, AnyConnect may show up in the Taskbar as a white circle with a yellow lock symbol. This means you are connected.