Impromptu Meetings in Google Meet

Creating an impromptu meeting in Google Meet

1. Go to (Make sure you are logged in with your Dixie account)

2. Click ‘Join or start a meeting’, enter a name for the meeting, and continue.

Joining and Inviting Attendees in Google Meet

1. Open the meeting link that was created and click “Join now”

2. You can either click “Add People” and add participants by their email or copy the link and distribute it out.

3. You will then be presented with the main call screen.

Accepting Attendees in Google Meets

1. When an attendee joins who is not added to the event, the organizer will be prompted with this prompt. Click ‘admit to allow them to join.

3. If the attendee is not logged in, it will say (“unverified”) next to their name.

How to use Meet once joined

1. Moving the mouse will show the task bar along the bottom

2. Is where you can find the link to the current meeting and event attachments

3. Is where to Mute and un-mute your microphone

4. Is where you leave the meeting

5. Is where to Mute and un-mute your camera

6. Is where you turn on captions

7. Share your screen or a single window.

8. Gives you access to the following options

9. In the top right of the screen, you have the your social tabs

10. Show Participants and get options to limit their participation

11. Chat with participants

How to mute participants

1. Go to the People tab

2. Select the attendee you would like to mute and select the Mute icon