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Fax Instructions


1.) Open your Web Browser

2.) In the address field type: http://fax.tel.dixie.edu/fax



3.) Login with your Dnumber username and password i.e. type student ID number with a D in front “D00001234” (without the quotes) and my password is my normal password.


4.) Click OK



5.) Click the Compose link in the upper left corner.



6.) Fill out the recipient’s Name, Company, and Fax Number ( including a leading 8 i.e. 81234567890 for the number: 1 (234)456-7890 ).

          a.) If Faxing across campus, the recipient’s number needs to be all 7 digits.



7.) If more than one Recipient is desired click the More recipients… button

          a.) Fill in the fields as described above.

          b.) Click Add to add the recipient to the recipients list.



            c.) To remove or edit a recipient

                     i. Click the desired recipient box (recipient will highlight in blue).

                     ii. Click Edit to edit their details.



                    iii. Click Remove to remove them.




8.) Choose a Cover Sheet Style.

9.) Type a suitable Subject for your fax.

10.) Type the cover letter message in the Comment: field (this will be your cover sheet message).



11.) Under Attachments, Click the Browse button to browse your computer for a document to attach to your fax.

          a.) If more than one document is desired to be faxed – Click the More Attachments button.

          b.) To attach the file, click Add.

          c.) To remove the file, Click on the file that is desired to be removed.

                    i. Click Remove.

                    ii. Repeat to remove other files.



12.) Click Submit in the upper left corner, when finished.



13.) Sent Message will show up in Outgoing Queue until it has sent.



Outlook Format:

***Also works in Outlook Web Access

1.) Open a new message as if you are sending an e-mail

2.) Type a Subject

3.) In the To: field type the recipient’s fax number in the format:

        a.) [fax:8xxxxxxx]

        b.) Example for this number 1 (123) 456-7890: [fax:81234567890]

4.) Attach a document to send a fax (same as e-mail attachments)

5.) Type a Cover Letter message as the e-mail’s body

6.) Click send as a regular e-mail


All received faxes show up in the Inbound History.  You can get to this by clicking on the link in the left menu area.