Dixie State University

Exporting Outlook to Gmail

Attention: Students already have POP enabled.

Note: this is specific for moving and exporting mail from dixie.edu addresses to a gmail account.


  1. Are you a student? Follow this link to use a Gmail account to access your Dmail account: http://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289?hl=en
    1. If you are an employee: go to help.dixie.edu and ask to have POP3 opened for your Dixie.edu account. (This is not for Dmail.dixie.edu email accounts)
  2. Go to gmail.com and set up a gmail account.
  3. Once that is set up go to Settings, find the gear to the far right, click the gear, then click the settings button.
  4. Once at the settings page, click Accounts and Import tab, then click import mail and contacts link.
  5. Enter your Dixie.edu email address.
    Dmail to Gmail
  6. Enter your password, your account username, click continue. If you are a legacy user, your account will be the first part of your email address.
    Dmail to Gmail
    Dmail to Gmail
  7. (Optional, but a good idea) Check to leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server.
    Dmail to Gmail
  8. Give it some time if you have a lot of messages. On the settings screen, you can check the progress, click view history.
    Dmail to Gmail
    Note: You may need to manually copy over your contact list.


Hours vary on holidays and student breaks. Please contact the Library for hours.

Note: Please include your full name, student ID number, and phone number when contacting the Helpdesk.

Email: helpdesk@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4357

Office: HCC, 2nd floor (entrance)