Mac OS – Wireless Config

Mac OS X – Trailblazers Wireless Configuration

Make sure you have all the latest updates and drivers installed on your machine.

In each of the following steps, make sure the settings on your screen match the settings shown in the pictures.

1.) Click the Apple Icon and then open System Preferences.



2.) Open Network Preferences.



3.) Click on AirPort.



4.) Click the Advanced button.



5.) Click the + button to add a new wireless profile.



6.) Set the Network Name to Trailblazers and Set the Security to WPA2 Enterprise.



8.)  Type in your DixieID Username and Password.

9.)  Set 802.1X to Automatic.



10.)  Click the Add button.

11.) The Trailblazers profile will be added in your Preferred Networks list, as shown below. Click the OK button.



12.) You will be returned to Network Preferences. Click the Apply button to apply the new wireless settings.



13.)  You will be asked to verify the wireless certificate. Click the Continue Button. Depending on your computer preferences, you may need to enter your Computer Username and Password. This would be different than your DixieID Username and Password.


14.) After a moment you will be connected to the Trailblazers wireless network.  If you are still having trouble connecting, visit the Student Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the Holland Centennial Commons Building.