Housing and Resident Life Wi-Fi

Wireless network access is available in all DSU Housing and Residential Life facilities and many nearby outdoor areas.

If you are connecting a phone, tablet, or computer

Devices including:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS laptops
  • iPad, Amazon Fire, Android, and ChromeOS tablets
  • nearly all Android and iPhone mobile phones

will connect to the Trailblazers and eduroam networks regardless of whether you are in your dorm room or in any other campus buildings. Please visit the main wireless configuration page to configure these devices.

If you are connecting a device not listed above

Other devices not listed above including, but not limited to:

  • Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and other game consoles
  • AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire, and other streaming devices
  • Smart speakers and personal assistant devices
  • Any other device that supports only WPA-Personal or WPA-PSK WiFi connections

These types of devices can’t connect to Trailblazers. The DSUconsole network is used for these devices. There is a two-step process to getting connected: registering your device, and configuring it to use DSUconsole Please follow the directions below to get connected.

Register your device

To register your device you need to find its wireless MAC address (also known as a physical network address). A MAC address is a string of 12 alphanumeric digits separated by colons or dashes that looks something like this:


The wireless MAC address can usually be found on a sticker or in the settings menu for your device. Refer to your device manual, online support, or contact the help desk if you have difficulty finding your device’s wireless MAC address.

  1. Once you know the wireless MAC address, use your phone, tablet, or laptop connected to Trailblazers to visit the Device Registration page. If prompted, log in with your DixieID and password.
  2. Click the ‘Register another device’ button. Enter your device MAC address in the field and click ‘Register’. You can register additional devices as needed.
Connect your device

Now that your device is registered, you will need to connect it to DSUconsole. This process is different for every device. Look for the option to connect or join a wireless network in your device’s settings menus. Refer to your device manual, online support, or the help desk if you need help figuring out how to tell your device to connect to DSUconsole.

  1. Find and join the DSUconsole Wi-Fi network from your device’s settings menu.
  2. When prompted, enter the password or PSK for DSUconsole. Refer to your Resident Life handbook, or contact the Housing Office or Help Desk to get this password.

Your device should now be connected. Happy gaming and streaming. Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance.

Other things to know

  • Please review the Peer to Peer and Copyright Infringements section of DSU’s Right to Know disclosures.
  • Please do not connect your own wireless routers or access points to the network in campus housing buildings. This impacts the wireless experience for others around you and is prohibited by DSU policy.


If you need assistance or additional help connecting your wireless devices, please contact the DSU Help Desk or Housing Office.

DSU Help Desk


Phone: 435-879-4357

Office: HCC 2nd Floor

Housing Office


Phone: 435-652-7570

Office: Campus View 1 First Floor