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About Mailing Lists

How a mailing list works:

A mailing list allows a person to send email to many people by only sending the message to a single address. Anyone belonging to the mailing list will receive the email.
Dixie State University has three official mailing lists. These lists are Dixie Official, Dixie Announce and Dixie All. Dixie Official and Dixie Announce are mandatory for all Dixie.edu addresses. Dixie all is an optional list and can be unsubscribed from at any time.

Dixie State University has two types of mailing lists:

  • Exchange Distribution Groups mailing lists (Dixieall, Dixie Announce, etc)
  • List Serve mailing lists (Other lists)


Comparison of Mailing Lists

List Serve Exchange Distribution Group
Can e-mail Dixie.edu Yes Yes
Can e-mail outside Dixie.edu Yes No
Size Limit 1MB 30MB
Mail Delivery Slow Fast


The mailing lists:

  • Dixie Official (mandatory mailing list): Dixie Official is reserved for official University communications from the President, Vice Presidents, and other authorized people.
  • Dixie Announce: Dixie Announce is for important announcements. The announcements must be sent to and approved by our Director of Public Relations. Contact Jyl Hall, Director of Public Relations, at jylhall@dixie.edu for approval. This is a mandatory mailing list.
  • Dixie All: Dixie All is the mailing list for other topics not covered or approved through the above channels. An email sent to this list will be delivered to all people subscribed to this list. This mailing list is optional and can be added or removed at the faculty or staff’s discretion.

Other mailing lists:  Lists can be requested by campus groups and users. Please know the name of the list, the purpose and audience requested. You will also need to pick the type of list, we can help with this, so please look at the table above for the differences.

How to request a list:  To request a new mailing list, please create a work order with the name of the list, the people allowed to email the list, and the list’s purpose. Request the list at http://help.dixie.edu


Other mail information:

Requested mailing lists will look like the following.

 Exchange Distribution group: listname@dixie.edu

 List Serve mailing list: listname@list.dixie.edu

 To e-mail a mailing list:  Send an email to the listname@lists.dixie.edu or listname@dixie.edu

 For example, to send an email to the Sky Dive Club’s mailing list, send an email to skydiveclub@lists.dixie.edu.